We have literally designed and supplied 1000’s of kitchens and baths since our inception in 1998. It’s not always convenient or easy to accumulate pictures to showcase our designs.  We have however managed to collect a couple of dozen completed projects. Below are a few of our projects that we have designed and supplied both locally and internationally. Some pictures are magazine quality while others were taken with a basic camera or phone. The magazine quality pictures were featured in a television commercial and in magazines.

Bermuda Project 2015

We are particularly proud of this kitchen as we skillfully combined our high-end cabinet brand “Cabico” with some unique features and materials. We custom designed a range hood system to fit and match an interesting round window above the cooktop. We built a specific bench system and back, then matched it to the stair rail top housing to tie the room together. You will notice a unique beverage wine center with custom made fixed shelves, stem holder and wine cubbies. The customer requested a high gloss/wet-look interior shelves and cabinets.



Bermuda Project 2016

This was a unique kitchen designed for a customer that loved symmetry. To complete this kitchen, we combined two cabinet lines. We selected Cabico for the island because of their customization ability. The island countertop as you can see was produced in glass and we had to make provisions for a recessed stainless-steel rail and cabinet tops to allow the installing of lighting to illuminate the underside if the glass. For the perimeter cabinets we selected our RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) Conestoga Wood cabinets as a cost effective alternative yet still offer the quality and precision the customer insisted upon.


Bermuda Project 2016

A combination all wood RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) TSG/Forevermark cabinet combined with our Conestoga Wood RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) shown with tile backsplash, sink and faucet. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a picture of the matching mint green island. (Note the drawer in the microwave cabinet end of cabinet run.)


Bermuda Project 2017

This kitchen is an example of what really can be achieved when trying to work at the lowest possible price yet give a custom look to the kitchen. This kitchen was designed and supplied with our RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) TSG Forevermark cabinetry. Note the shelving as they were produced using Refrigerator panels and producing slide over floating shelves with under shelf integrated lighting.


Trenton Ontario 2017

This home was completely renovated and involved a tremendous amount of design services on the kitchen cabinets, custom closets, and custom entry doors. Not withstanding kitchen but we supplied, everything including the all the interior doors, entry doors, patio sliding doors, vanity cabinets, mirrors, shower doors, tubs and toilets.


Kingston Ontario 2016

Although a small kitchen we are particularly proud of this one because we made a lot out of a little and from a few pictures created exactly what the customer desired. Here we used Cabico cabinets because of their custom size and colour abilities at the quality the customer wanted. We created a reduced depth floor to ceiling display cabinet to set in behind a wall. To create this cross over semi-industrial look we created custom rustic antiqued shelves and sourced the exact shelf brackets to complete the look. We supplied the cabinetry, countertop, shelves, brackets, sink, faucet and the subway wall tile.


Bermuda Project 2015

This was a unique U-Shaped kitchen with a recessed bar area. Designed and supplied utilizing our Armstrong/Echelon cabinetry. This kitchen was installed into an old home where the kitchen had a sloped ceiling forcing a two-size wall cabinet application. We supplied everything to complete this kitchen including the under-cabinet lighting, countertop, backsplash tile, sink, faucet and the window above the sink.


Kingston Ontario 2016

Here we designed and supplied RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) TSG/Forevermark cabinetry in Gramercy and fitted it around the troubled area above the refrigerator. We supplied the cabinets, countertop and hardware and did the custom cuts on location to work around the double bulk heads.


Kingston Ontario 2016

One of the more popular lines RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) TSG/Forevermark cabinetry was used in this kitchen. This kitchen had a unique oval shape window, so we designed the kitchen so that the island and the lights above the island would align with the oval window. The island was made up by using standard depth cabinets with cut down 6” depth cabinets attached to the reverse side along with fixed posts. We supplied the kitchen cabinets and granite countertop.


Bermuda Project 2015

A U-Shaped kitchen in a bright white shaker style. Here we selected our RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) Conestoga Wood Cabinetry as they allow for a certain amount of customization especial as it was required at the top of the wall cabinetry.


Parham Ontario 2017

This was a unique project as it was a complete renovation for a Lake Cottage to Residential home while keeping that cottage flavour. Here we selected our all wood Armstrong/Echelon Series kitchen cabinets with a laminate countertop. Created a walk-in pantry and outfitted it with matching all wood shelving. Although not it the picture we supplied the same cabinets throughout the laundry area in the next room.


Bermuda Condo Project 2014

The project was particularly fun because we deigned and supplied everything for the 6 condos within this complex. 6 Kitchens, 12 Bathrooms, vanity and kitchen countertops, wall and backsplash tile, flooring, tubs, toilets and Coaster furniture for every room. Here we selected our Armstrong/Echelon cabinetry in a raised panel cherry wood with a cinnamon finish.


Kingston Ontario 2008

This was a kitchen we designed and supplied over 10 years ago in our custom Cabico line. Solid Maple doors in a specially selected stain to match the interior wood trim of the home. This kitchen featured under cabinet lighting, a build in dishwasher area and a special glass cabinet mini-wine bottle holder and a handy reduced size rollover and up door medication cabinet. Here we supplied everything including the cabinets, sink, faucet, backsplash tile and flooring.


Kingston Project 2018

This kitchen required some unique customization on a beaded shaker style door with custom fitted panels around the island and hand made metal counter support Corbels. One of the unique features we supplied in the kitchen is the unique faux tin ceilings and wall crown. This same home we supplied a custom-made fireplace mantel and the entire floor to ceiling stonework that surrounds the fireplace.


Kingston Ontario 2017

This was a creative adventure utilizing RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) Classic Brands cabinetry to create a custom fit kitchen. After removing two walls, we designed and supplied a step-up cooking and wine cabinet island. An off-white/cream shaker door style. We supplied everything for this kitchen including the cabinets, countertop, sink, faucet, hardware, back-splash tile, flooring and lighting.


1000 Islands, Wallace Island, Ontario 2017

This was a fun project as it was installed on Wallace island which is part of the 1000 Islands, Ontario. We designed and supplied everything to renovate both the kitchen and bathroom. Every item literally had to be put on a raft type pontoon boat and carefully transported to the island. Here we created a fresh look using our RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) TSG/Forevermark cabinetry, pre-build the quartz countertop and installed. In this kitchen, we supplied the cabinetry, appliances, countertop, lighting, backsplash tile and flooring.